• AWS Partner

    AWS qualified Device, Amazon FreeRTOS / AWS IoT Greengrass Deploy Iot Solution Easily
  • Smart Logistic for
    Accessing Key Data

    Accurate positioning around the world, Focusing on the global market
  • Smart Charger to Optimize Power Usage

    Efficient, Ecological, Cost Effective, perfecting the last road of smart charging
  • Smart Vending Machine to Drive Business Opportunities

    Integrate audio/video playback and human flow identification, and intelligently welcome unmanned business opportunities

Smart Energy

Operating in a wide temperature range, near-end analysis of data, smooth storage and transmission of data, electric charging stands, and distributed solar energy monitoring to optimize energy use and power generation.

Smart Industry

Using edge computing to improve the efficiency of IoT and large-scale cloud and collaborate with manufacturing industry for predictive maintenance and abnormal management to obtain immediate benefits.

Custom Embedded Linux

Specialized in RISC’s streamlined architecture, we provide solutions in multiple fields upon customers’ requests.