Retronix Makes Intelligent Software

Application Level

  • Android Application
  • Linux Application

Middleware Level

  • Custom Libraries
  • Custom API
  • Protocol Conversion

Board Level

  • Device Drivers Porting
  • Bootloader
  • Kernel Development

IoT is still developing and Retronix is there to make a difference. In order to make IoT work, we need the things that Retronix provides—gateways, software, circuit boards, and ingenuity.


Retronix provides the software and hardware necessary to establish communication between sensors and networks that monitor and impact our world.

Software Customization

Retronix will consult and advise in order to provide the best possible systems for our customers and partners. We provide effective, tailor-made solutions.

Cost Efficient and Time Sensitive Products and Services

Software Development

Hardware for the Real World

From Device Drivers to the Associated Interfaces

Whether developing BSPs for Freescale ARM platforms, or gateways and RISC applications for industrial concerns, you must manage the input of many elements. We have the manpower, hardware, tools, and technology to get the job done right.

Gateways Middleware

For Simple Interfaces or Complex Solutions

Your device may need capabilities that the operating system can’t provide. We can supply the messaging and communication protocols to interface with the modern world. You end up with the means to get the most out of your devices. This middleware is needed for seemless interaction.

End Product

Specified Product Delivery as Ordered

The Internet of Things is in need of new ideas and creative solutions. Providing great hardware with the means to operate correctly is our specialty. We will meet with the customer and find out specifically what they need, and then we go and do it. That’s where we shine. You can count on our best efforts that have been proven again and again.


Technical expertise is vital to gaining an edge in this competitive industry. We take advantage of the newest advances in technical applications.

Retronix Services

User Interface

Application Level


BSP and Drivers

Linux, Android, Debian and Yocto Project



Customization Common Pool

We are producing consistent quality for our product delivery and service. From inception to implementation, you can expect software that has been thoroughly tested, certified, and reliable.

Retronix is your embedded Linux partner.


Timesys provides comprehensive consultation & professional service for embedded Linux projects.

  • For tailored solutions that fit your embedded Linux or Android™ development needs.
  • Quickly & easily build winning projects with the LinuxLink suite of tools.
  • Get help with issues at any stage in your development with competent support.
  • Shorten your embedded Linux learning curve with customized, hands-on training.
  • Leverage Timesys Professional Services as an on-demand extension of your team.

LinuxLink is Timesys’ embedded Linux solution for building custom embedded Linux-based devices. It includes a suite of tools, a software repository, and expert support.

LinuxLink tools includes:

  • Bakery
  • Factory
  • TimeStorm
  • Board Support Packages (BSPs)
  • Toolchain
  • Debuggers

For additional Timesys service information please visit the Timesys website:
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