Retronix (RTX) can completely satisfy your specific needs with cutting-edge RISC solutions for IoT (Internet of Things) gateways. We quickly get your product to market with tailor-made solutions based on the energy efficient RISC platform with Android/Linux Operating Systems.

Experienced and resourceful, RTX teamwork designs, consults, and customizes gateways for M2M applications with cloud-ready results. Look to us for consultation and design with focus on Freescale embedded solutions based on ARM technology, one-stop M2M and IoT service, comprehensive design, and software development support services.

Industrial Automation

Industry 4.0; Industrial revolution based on Cyber Physical Production Systems, involves machines that are connected to vast networks, and it requires RISC technology to relay and interpret the information from remote sensors, and competitive enterprises need tailor-made industrial gateway solutions to unlock the tremendous potential of industrial networking.

RTX supports vital protocols such as PROFINET, EtherCAT, and Modbus in their gateways for feature-rich networking, and cloud-ready data transfer. Look to RTX as reliable partners in remote management, inventory control, alarm handling, scheduling, logging, and more. Factory automation will benefit from remote service maintenance and diagnostics of machinery and industrial robots. Factory output can be maximized and downtime limited by collecting real-time data and analyzing it smartly. More

Smart Home

RTX also provide gateways to HEMS (Home Energy Management System) that allow for energy harvesting, energy storage, energy management, and energy saving. Intelligent handling of real-time data makes for a better ecology and happier, wealthier, and healthier people.

People will breathe clean air in an improved environment, and save money by using renewable and more efficient energy thanks, in part, to RTX gateway expertise. More

Smart Energy

RTX is excited about all of the new energy applications based on Solar Panel technology. These applications can monitor solar panels and deliver the right information to the right person (or machine) at the right time.

Almost any physical device or object can be connected to the Internet and to each other for intelligent decision making. Many other applications exist in the important market for energy saving strategies. More

Smart Retail / Logistics

RTX designs and configures applications for inventory control, fleet management, delivery management, and asset management for busy enterprises. 3G and Wi-Fi expertise creates the "mobile phones for machines" that give customers the fastest access to your products.

For example, people can have access to your sales inventory from their mobile phones so they can tell that their orders will be processed immediately, and then they can track the delivery of their purchases. Prices of goods can be updated electronically without remarking every item, and instead of having a person going to each house to read a gas or electric meter, it can be done electronically and each household's energy usage can be read in a central location. The savings, in time and money, will be tremendous. More

Smart Building

Smart buildings are important for management, security, and energy savings. For building control and energy gateways, RTX can work with you to get the kind of solution you need.

Smart systems can monitor and alert the proper personnel when certain doors or windows are opened without authorization. Lights can be turned off remotely to save energy, and temperatures can be controlled intelligently from various locations through our gateway. More

Your Competent Partner

Retronix is here to be your gateway for connecting to many vital needs. For industrial controls, smart homes and businesses, energy savings and control for personal, industrial, or retail uses, we can work with you to design and implement M2M and IoT solutions.

RTX is getting an excellent reputation in Freescale embedded solutions based on ARM technology, industrial gateway solutions, and software development and support. Contact us today for RISC solutions that will make you a winner tomorrow.

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